SIW - Network Inventory Module

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Basic Information about Network ConfigurationTop ↑
  • Computer Name
  • Workgroup or Domain
  • Logon Server
  • Socket Version
  • Host Name
  • IP Address
  • Domain Name
  • Adapter name
  • MAC Address
Basic Information about Network Configuration
Extended Information about NetworkTop ↑
  • Connectivity Status
  • External IP and Name
  • City, State/Province, Country
  • Longitude and Latitude
  • ISP
  • Adapter name
  • MAC Address
  • ARP Table
  • Installed servers (pcAnywhere, VNC, RDP, SQL Server, Oracle, HTTP, Telnet, SSH, SSH, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, LDAP, XDMCP, SNMP)
Extended Information about Network
Network StatisticsTop ↑
TCP, UDP, IP, Network Parameters, Adapter Info Network Statistics
Network ConnectionsTop ↑
Network Connections
Windows FirewallTop ↑
Windows Firewall
SharesTop ↑
Active Directory - ComputersTop ↑
Active Directory - Computers
Active Directory - GroupsTop ↑
Active Directory - Groups
Active Directory - UsersTop ↑
Active Directory - Users
Local GroupsTop ↑
Local Groups
Local User AccountsTop ↑
Local User Accounts
Domain GroupsTop ↑
Domain Groups
Domain User AccountsTop ↑
Domain User Accounts
System AccountsTop ↑
System Accounts
Open PortsTop ↑
SIW allows you to view a list of all TCP and UDP ports that are in use, and the application that is using it.
Additional information includes the local port name and local/remote IP address.
Using the Right-Click menu, you can close (Disconnect) a selected connection, or create a CSV, HTML, TEXT or XML report file.
Open Ports